Best Diet and Exercise apps for Weight Loss in 2023

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The easiest part when deciding to lose weight, is to change your diet and enroll in the gym, the hard part is to stay in this new lifestyle and commit to comply with the diet and actually attend the gym.

But it is clear that nowadays we can make these goals more achievable, in a simple and accessible way, so as not to leave room for excuses. And here at fat burns blog, we believe that when it comes to getting rid of those extra pounds, technology can indeed be a good ally.

For this reason, we have selected the 6 best apps to help you lose weight, in a super practical, inexpensive way, where the smartphone is your greatest ally.

It is important to remember that more than staying in shape, it is necessary to maintain good habits and a healthy routine, with a balanced diet and physical activities to guarantee the quality of life, your physical and mental health.

Without further ado, follow below the best Apps for weight loss, download the ones that best fit your lifestyle and get ready, because after that list, reducing the numbers on the scale will be much easier.

Top 6 The best Apps for weight loss (iOS and Android)

1. Nike Training Club

Ideal app to perform physical exercises and give a boost to the performance of your diet, without having to spend money on the gym and personal trainer.

Full of different exercises, it has more than 100 types of training, to fit the physical conditioning of different users. And it also brings audiovisual instructions given by Nike’s Master Trainers, to help give that little motivation if necessary.

The Nike Training Club app works with fully personalized workouts that adapt to your needs. You will be able to manually insert into the App any and all physical activity you have done at intervals outside of training, so that the application can balance your training routine, making your way of working out much more effective.

2. Lose Weight Hypnosis

Have you tried everything possible to lose those unwanted pounds and nothing worked?

Well, we know that everything in our body starts in the mind, so why not get to the point? By downloading the third App from our list of the best apps to help you lose weight, you will have access to an app that promises to enter your subconscious in order to help you take full control of your eating habits, through hypnosis.

The Weight loss Hypnosis app “talks” to you, in order to convince you to reach your goals, just open your mind to something new and try what the App can do for you, just press play.

3. Noom App


Noom is a personal trainer in the form of an application that accompanies you on your journey to lose weight and adapt healthier lifestyle habits. In addition to recording the calories of your meals and physical activity, the information is complemented with challenges and articles to keep you motivated. Please note that, for now, the app is only available in English.

4. Drink water

When starting a diet, right from the start it is thought about what foods will be consumed, and most people are unaware that liquids also make a big difference in diets, as they are essential for the proper functioning of the body.

With that in mind, the Drink Water app was developed to remind you to always be well hydrated, taking your weight into account. Just enter your weight in the App and it will tell you how much water you should be drinking during the day and send notifications to remind you.

5. Light Kitchen Guide

Dieting is not an easy task, especially when doubts arise about what you can or cannot eat so that the weight loss process is effective. So nothing better than having an app to help you, with simple, healthy and tasty recipes.

6. Stretch Exercises

Before throwing yourself into those heavy and intense exercises it is necessary to do something that people often forget or ignore: Stretch.

Even though it is not a great calorie burner, stretching is extremely important before performing any physical activity. Quickly and simply you avoid future injuries and strengthen your muscles.

There are several types of stretches developed by specialists straight to your cell phone screen. Exercises for all body regions that can be chosen according to the preference of each user, and so that there is no error when doing the exercises, the Stretch Exercises application brings visual content, with instructions and photos of how to perform each one. stretches.

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