Fitness at Home? 4X Tips! (Different Muscle Groups)

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It’s raining outside. Your sports buddy has canceled. You don’t want to wait for your turn at your fitness equipment. In short: there are plenty of reasons to skip your hour at the gym. Those who exercise at home no longer experience these problems. Score! How do you do that? Read our 4x tips in this blog!

4x tips

1. Provide variety

It is important to train different muscle groups, also at home, when achieving fitness goals. This means that you can vary the exercises you do best. For example, train not only the arms, but also the legs, buttocks, back and stomach. You can do this by setting up a varied training schedule and bringing multiple devices to your home gym.

Another benefit to variance: it prevents your workout from getting boring! You keep challenging yourself by training multiple muscles. And that obviously makes sports more attractive.

2. Invest in quality equipment

When it comes to the devices you choose, we recommend that you go for quality. In this way you can enjoy it for years and you can assume that your devices will not just break down.

The cross trainer is also a favorite: a device with which you train a lot of muscles in an injury-free way. When purchasing this, it is important to pay attention to the loadable weight, the length and the resistance system.

3. Make a schedule

For those who go to the gym, it is quite normal to designate a number of fixed days per week for this. Our advice: do this for your home training too! This way you avoid falling down on the couch with the TV on in the evening, under the guise of ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’. Because that obviously doesn’t help you in terms of achieving a healthy lifestyle !

By agreeing on fixed days and times with yourself, you have a clear incentive. You also let yourself be less distracted. Doing the dishes or drinking an extra cup of tea is a thing of the past.

4. Make it fun

This tip is primarily intended for anyone who prefers to hang out on the couch rather than engage in sporting activities. Make sure you have fun in your sporting hours! There are several ways to do this. For example, turn on loud music !

Another idea: hang a TV in your gym. You can follow your favorite series and programs while exercising. In this way your sports time flies by. Also, now you can no longer use the watching TV excuse to not get off the couch!

Enjoy the luxury of exercising at home

With these 4x tips you can really make a party of fitness at home. Whoever chooses different equipment of good quality and ensures regularity in sports, achieves top performance. And with entertaining accessories such as a TV you will probably no longer be able to leave your gym!

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